Are You Ready For A Loving Relationship That Lasts?

Nowadays Love and Relationships aren't like they used to be.

It’s a different era where we look for a partner on a dating site, social media and through technology, the whole communication in a relationship has changed.

Women are insecure about their looks and feel that “all good men are taken”.

While men seem to be confused and less interested in commitment.

Many of us feel not good enough or buy-in to the lie that you’re “just not meant to be happy in love.”

Or that getting a divorce would make everything better.

It’s easy to search out “experts” who promise strategies and “rules” with men, and to try to find out simple solutions to your complex situation – it’s exhausting and disappointing when you don’t get the results you want.

It’s about the way we were raised and the things we believed about ourselves, growing up, what blocks us from having the love we want and deserve.

We all have these old patterns that make us choosing something else than love.

Something that feels like love - mostly because of the chemistry that we feel with this person - and falls apart when the fighting or cheating starts.

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That’s why I became a Dating and Relationship coach, trained by the best Relationship coaches from England and the USA. 

And because of the way I work – I know I can help you with your unique situation in a different way. A way that WORKS for you!

Working with me gives you results that’ll surprise you and shock the man you love, now into seeing you completely differently, or “snap-to” the man you’re about to meet.

It’s a system of combining emotional healing tools and hands-on outer work tools that work with your natural personality and everything you’ve learned in your love life up to now – to turn everything you believe about men, love, and relationship on its head and get you what you truly want!

Everyone deserves love and it´s all around us.

Even though we say we’d give everything to have it – most of us are constantly and unconsciously pushing love away.

I can help you stop blocking true love from your life, and instead attract and keep the love you have never imagined. Because you deserve it!

You Are In the Right place:

You don’t understand why you’re not attracting the love of your life

You “hate” dating, and expect all men to let you down.

You want a relationship - but you feel to take the steps to go out dating again.

You think you’ve met your dream guy – and he turns out to be just another guy who doesn’t know what he wants

The man you’re with is withdrawing and withholding his attention and affection from you, starting arguments, backing away from sex, spending more time at work and with friends than with you, and telling you he’s “confused” about what he feels for you.

You’re starting to feel insecure – even though you started out totally confident while he was still “pursuing” you.

You’re thinking about him so much of the time, you feel almost like you’re losing yourself and the confidence you used to have.

You’re married and feel trapped with a man who has personal “issues” like drinking, depression and family conflicts.

The logistics of your relationship are difficult – Long Distance, children, a very present “ex,”

You’re concerned about “other women” in the picture – even his female friends.


These are just a few things I can help with.

Let me know a little bit about your situation in the box below or schedule your appointment directly in my agenda - by clicking on the button on the top of this page 

We’ll schedule a time to work together by Zoom or Skype.

I am looking forward meeting you!



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