pRivate COaching

No matter how much you would like to achieve something, sometimes there are things that will hold you back from that. Private coaching will help you to transfer from where you are now, to where you would like to be. Within a safe setting and at your own pace.

The proven method that I am working with will increase your self-awareness, make you feel stronger and has an enormous impact on your life and your love life.

Compared to therapy, were you go back to the past, I will be glad to look ahead with you to investigate what you would like to achieve and what the best way is to achieve that.

It’s my passion to guide you to the love life of your dreams, because you’re worth it.


If you’re stuck in a relationship that makes you unhappy

...have a love life that actually doesn’t exist

… The relationship where you are in now is going nowhere and you don’t know how to change it

…..From your experiences, you know that you’re attracting the same man over and over and you are not motivated to start dating again.

..You see your marriage breaking down and despite therapy and countless talks, you cannot get your relationship on track.

...If you’re single, married or somewhere in between, you’re at the right place.

Because of my expertise and from my own experiences, I can show you the fastest way to the love life of your dreams!

As your dating & relationship coach...

...I’ll learn you how to change your vibe and become so irresistible that there is no other way for him to commit himself to you

...I’ll give you innovative dating tips/relationship tips and tools to walk the shortest path to your happily ever after.

...I’ll help you to find your personal boundaries and set them in a way that gives you confidence and will bind him directly to you.

...I give you proven s.o.s tips and tools that can save your relationship even when you are ready to give up.

...I’ll learn you a life-changing way of communicating which will guarantee an immediate improvement in the dynamics between you two

...I will show you how to use your feminine energy to get the man you desire (and also how to use that in other areas of your life.)

"Discover the success formula to create the healthy and loving relationship of your dreams or to manifest the man of your dreams within a few months. With being your authentic and honest self".

How it looks: You’re the main character of your passionate and fulfilled life, which you can share with an amazing man. Never trying to get the attention and affection of a man anymore. In fact, the way you talk and with your body language, you directly connect his heart to yours. You have a juicy, loving relationship with a man who understands you, who wants to be with you and shows this with his actions! He treats you as his Queen and will do everything to make you happy!!

What Some Clients say:

"Thanks to the insights given to me by Judith I’ve rejuvenated my relationship."

““For years I was in a relationship where it was more about him than about us. I took care of the children and he watched soccer every week with his friends. Doing something with my partner became an exception. I blamed my partner for this. After a few coaching sessions with Judith, it became clear to me that I was one of the major causes of this. Judith showed me that my boundaries were stretched the last years and to become happy again in this relationship I should set these boundaries again. I should point out what I want. Thanks to the insights given to me by Judith his eyes are opened and we are now doing a lot of things together. He has never given me so many compliments”

- Sonja Vos, 34

A conversation with Judith is like a warm bath!"

"I think it is great that Judith speaks from her own experience, which immediately gives a feeling of familiarity with her. That you are basically on the same boat as a woman and thus have the feeling that you can talk to her easily and also implement her tips faster.
There is no judgment, but an open and loving vision on how you can bring out the best in yourself.
I think Judith makes it vulnerable by talking about desires, which everyone has, of which she says is a powerful but loving way:
"Why don't you do anything about it? Why are you selling yourself short?
It is nice that Judith gives practical tips that you can start using right away. She makes 'difficult things' very simple and perhaps gives just that little push that people need to start attracting love in their life and their relationship. Also, I think her last points are important, the love for yourself and your own life.
With that, she puts readers with both feet on the ground, which I think can help the love again.
I can't wait to read more and I can also advise anyone to talk to Judith if you have doubts and uncertainties. A conversation with Judith is like a warm bath!"

- Sarah Barten, 27 - The Hague

"Judith is an amazing coach!"

She understood my situation immediately and made me feel better after just an hour with her.

She is calm, comforting and caring,

She gave me tools and put me into action so that I get fast results.

After a few coaching sessions with Judith, I feel more confident and connected to my feelings.

I handle my feelings better and I have learned to put boundaries, which makes a huge difference in the dating progress."

- Elodie, 45 - Paris

"I am now much more aware, more confident and more relaxed than I have been in recent years "

" For years, I thought. to be a "happy" single, while this was not the case. I was just tired of going to parties, to explain to visit family again that I only found it totally fine. I bought self-help books and devoured them. This knowledge also helped me out with a partner and I started thinking more and more that it was up to me.
When I met Judith on Youtube. I decided to take the plunge to and contacted her. This was one of the best decisions I've made in recent years. Judith knows how to listen very well and gave me some very valuable insights sessions. I am now much more aware, more confident and more relaxed than I have been in recent years. We have adjusted my dating profile and I am now actively dating. I am convinced that "my" man on the white horse will be soon. "

- Melanie Bakker, 31 - Amsterdam

What can You Expect:

60 minute 1:1 face to face coaching via videoprogramma Zoom

Safe setting to talk about your love life

My 100% commitment to making your dreams come true

My expertise to improve your situation quickly

Action plan specially made for you

Unlimited email assistance between the sessions

Reach out to me!

Book your free 30-minute discovery coaching call directly in my agenda to find out how I can help you.