Is True Love Just Not Meant For You Or Could You Be Blocking The Love That’s There?

Are you dating all the time but never finding ‘the one’?  Read on..

Many of the single women I meet through my practice say that they feel like a loving relationship is just not meant for them.

They have tried over and over again and still they don’t meet the right guy.  Sometimes, the guy is not invested enough, sometimes he is not thoughtful enough, and, sometimes, he turns out to have another woman.

First of all: you never want to have a relationship with a man who is already taken – and I would never help a woman convince a man to leave his wife.

I don’t support relationships that betray another person.

A high value woman doesn’t want to share a man … A high value woman respects other men’s and women’s commitments – would you want to be the betrayed wife?!

So – cheating is a no go for me!

Back to the question:

Is love not meant for you? Or could it be that you are blocking love in your life?

Let me ask you another question.

A deep one..

I want you to consider this and be really honest with yourself.

Grab a piece of paper so you can write down your answer …

What is the benefit you’re getting from not meeting the right one? What is the benefit you’re getting from not being in a committed relationship?

I want you to do some inquiry on your answer. Is this really a benefit of staying single?

We all make choices based on our needs. We all see through lenses that are based on conscious and subconscious assumptions or biases.

I know you want a loving relationship – not just because you are dating or meeting men – but also because we both know you deserve it!

So write to me – if you are feeling desperate and lonely and you don’t know what to do.

I know exactly how you feel.

If you’re ashamed of the sadness and loneliness you feel, let me help you.

I know your struggle because it was once mine too. And I also know that you can overcome it!

If you’re ready to let me help you – book a 20 min free session with me, and I will help you change your love life for good!