What If You COuld Change your lOvelife quick?


Hi! My name is Judith and I’m so happy you found me!

As a Dating & Relationship coach,  I help ambitious women getting and keeping a long-term healthy and romantic relationship. 

Today, I am extremely grateful for the relationship I have with the most loving and generous man, but that has not always been the case.

Before I became a relationship coach, I had a good job in the automotive industry.

Everything was going well, except for my love life, that was a disaster.

My confidence was low, I hardly had any boundaries and I was trying to control everything and everyone.

I attracted 'toxic' men and men who didn’t want to stay with me.

That was “the story of my life "until I was so sick and tired of it.

I felt lost and wanted to address the core of my problems.

There were so many questions I wanted to get answered, so I searched for help.

I studied books on psychology and personal development, spirituality and I studied counseling.

Soon I discovered that I had built massive walls around me, to 'protect' me, so I did not have to feel uncomfortable.

I realized how much I wanted to love, but I didn’t allow it.

Unconsciously I did the same things over and over again, which led to not really connect with a man on a deeper level.

Once I knew what stopped me from having what I wanted I gradually changed my love life.

Small changes in what I said and not said and did and did not do already made a huge difference!

I saw myself getting bored and uninterested in men who couldn’t commit.

I was attracted to men who treated me like a queen and wanted to bring the relationship to the next level by themselves.

I can now say that I have a fantastic relationship, in which I feel safe and loved and it is just getting better.

Finally, I decided to follow my heart and study to become a Relationship Coach.

My family thought I was getting crazy to give up all the "certainties", but I felt that this was my calling.

Every day I feel blessed helping women all over the world, with my knowledge and because of my experiences.

I want you to learn how and what I have done so that you get the relationship that you desire.

Because that is why you’re here.

Without you having to go through struggles and finding everything out the hard way.

If I can change my love life, then YOU can do it too!

What if you can get everything you want? Love, affection, good sex, security, fun, and romance? And without having to ask for it?


Working With Me gives You The Results You want:

You break with negative relationship patterns that have brought you to the same experiences with men (the dead-end) and learn to integrate structural patterns so you can meet the love of your life or deepen your current relationship.

We boost your confidence so that you know you are the 'price' in the presence of men.

Your fears of intimacy will belong to the past, you will be the Queen and attract the high quality man of your life.

You learn how to communicate clearly and respectfully which will make you irresistible to men

I teach you how to embrace your feminine essence in life, dating and relationships so that you can have deep connections

You learn to receive love, so that men can give you the love you want and can’t get enough of you.

The tools you get from me will help you stay comfortable in any difficult situation, so you will grow in your life and can continue to grow in your relationship.

Let me tell you that you are not alone and that there is nothing wrong with you!

We as women have often not learned to trust our feelings and how to act in our own interests.

We are getting more conscious in life as time goes by and we are confronted with questions of life and relationship patterns that no longer serve us.

The relationship example of our ancestors and the bad advice we have received over the years often do not suit us and the time we live in.

It is therefore important to have heart and head congruent, so we can live the life that is truly meant for us and the one we desire.

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, you are worthy to have a wonderful relationship.

You don’t have to do this alone. Step by step I will take you by the hand through the process, so not only you will feel safe to take steps, but also get the best results!

I know that if you trust your instincts and begin to act and speak from the confident Queen you are inside that no mountain is too high for the King that is meant for you!

I wish you a wonderful love life, beautiful woman!

Lots of love,